Races of Terraden

There are many races living on Terraden before the time of the Great Sundering but many more were formed or evolved from the wild magic and ash of the destructive Night’s Fire. The College of Keepers has cataloged many of these races while many more of fewer numbers or lacking a structured society have yet to be documented…

Menfolk (Human and Semi-Human)

  • Coridian (Stone Folk): +2 str/con, stone core, shape stone ritual, miners & builders 1
  • Moorefolk (River Folk): +2 dex/wis, water sense, cleansing water ritual, river traders 1
  • Murdon (Fire Folk): +2 str/dex, inner fire, ash painting rituals, mercenaries & agents 1
  • Taerhai (Forest Folk): Half-Elf (PHB), southeastern coasts 2
  • Freeman (Free Folk): Human (PHB), CAP founding race 2
  • Vu-odin (Boggers): snake weilders/worshipers in swamp villages (shamans/warlocks) 3

Elven (Elf and Semi-Elven)

  • Aquanai (Sea Elf): +2 dex/int, waterbreathing, sonic scream, water talk, animal affinity 1
  • Aerranai (Sky Elf): +2 dex/wis, flying, wind talk, aerial animal affinity 1
  • Draunai (Dark Elf): Drow (MM1), underdark animal affinity 2
  • Gylanai (Wild Elf): +2 dex/str, Animalistic traits (see table), forest animal affinity 1
  • Hylanai (High Elf): Elf (PHB), E3 founding race and keepers of the Duskwood 2
  • Jyanai (Spirit Elf): Ancient superior race of elf-like beings, “The Watchers” 3
  • Touvanai (Ice Elf): +2 dex/con, snow speak, arctic animal affinity 1

Dwarven (Dwarf and Semi-Dwarven)

  • Chin-tor (Claymen): +1 con, shape stone (minor), half-humans, crafters of non-metals 1
  • Corin-tor (Stone Dwarf): Dwarven (PHB) build 2
  • Drauget-tor (Dark Dwarf): Duergar build (MM1) 2
  • Murkai (Blood Dwarf): +1 dex, +1 con, fae-dwarf that live along forest of the Great Wall 3
  • Taugra-tor (Ice Dwarf): +2 con, make ice golems, tribal barbarians, ice cave builders 1
  • Vrak-tor (Deep Dwarf): +2 con, east’n volcanic region, allies w/lizardfolk, mine fire rock 1

Halfolk (Halflings and Semi-Halflings)

  • Bemro’lai (Sand Children): Religious keepers of the Great Precipice, robed, ruthless 3
  • Kyrinon (Ice Children): +2 dex, Wolf-like halflings, winter wolf riders 1
  • Leurac (Dark Children): +2 dex, shadows of the deep Underdark, thieves and spies 1
  • Weas’emitt (Halfmen): Halfling (PBH) build 2

OTHER SUB-RACES (Lesser Known)

  • Barra-tor (Twomen): Giants of the north pushed out by the E3 3
  • Brax-tor (Bullmen): Minotaur (PHB2) build 2
  • Crull-rex (Orc Noi): Orcish (MM1), hoard from the west demolished in the Uprising 2
  • Crull-goag (Gobbers): Goblins (MM1), living in shanties, slaves across the realms 2
  • Crull-hobin (Hobbers): Hobgoblins (MM1), only slightly less hated as they make better slaves 2
  • Gillig (Mud Fey): Small brownie-fey that live near lakes and streams, masters of illusion 3
  • Sil-ak’i (Murkies): Lizardfolk tribes of the eastern swamps 3
  • Xern: Weasel/lizard looking, jungle culture with ancient roots dating to Great Sundering 3

1 Custom playable race (Terraden specific)

2 Standard playable race (book indicated)

3 Non-playable race (special, evil or plot specific race)

Races of Terraden

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