Murdon (Fire Folk)

Average Height: 5’ 0" – 5" 8" Ability Scores: +2 str, +2 dex
Average Weight: 140lb – 200lb Speed: 6 squares
Languages: Common, Draconic Skill Bonus: + 2 Endurance, + 1 Acrobatics, +1 Stealth
Vision: Low Light (60 ft)

Murdon favor the fighter and rogue classes.

Inner Fire: In the heat of battle (any time initiative is rolled and in use), any touch from a friend or foe will cause 1 dmg from your heat. At 11th level this damage is increased to 1d3 + dex and at 21st level increases to 1d6 + dex This also provides 1/2 reduction of all fire damage done to you while in this state. -1 AC and Attack roles if in water.

Ash Paint Ritual: You gain a ritual (no feat required) that allows you to heat your weapon adding 1d4 + str heat (fire) damage to your next attack by using a healing surge. This damage increases to 1d6 + str at 11th level and 1d8 + str at 21st level.

Human Heritage: You gain a bonus feat at 1st level. You must meet the prerequisites.

Dark brown to black skin and almost the size of a halfling, they burst with speed when in battle and disappear into the smoke of battle just a quickly. When angered their eyes glow a deep red and the sweat smokes off their bodies. Their teeth are more pointed as they are almost exclusively carnivores. Other sharp features like almost pointed ears, spiky hair and flattened nose suggest an infernal heritage (or influence). They carry several weapons at all times (each Murdon custom makes for themselves) – the untamed wilderness they come from has forced them to be ready at all times. Even their casual, daily clothing is lightly armored and oiled to resist the fires they worship. Rituals using ash to paint symbols of strength and stealth cover the Murdon at all times.

The Murdon are the smoldering ember in the dark, cautious yet aggressive fighters that are often agents, mercenaries and sell-swords for other races due to their effective and lone-wolf nature. Their home is in the valleys of the Menlock Mountains in the untamed east of the CAP. Tribes of Murdon travel to several Great Fire Dances where contests of fighting prowess and obstacle mazes/courses help identify potential mates – ensuring the next generation of their race. They collect/use ash from the great fires of these dances for their rituals. Fortunately for the Murdon, they age much faster than most humans (twice as fast) which helps this often short-lived race to thrive.

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Murdon (Fire Folk)

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