Moorefolk (RiverFolk)

Average Height: 6’ 0" – 6" 10" Ability Scores: +2 dex, +2 wis
Average Weight: 150lb – 240lb Speed: 6 squares, 8 swimming
Languages: Common, Elven Skill Bonus: +2 perception, +1 nature, +1 insight
Vision: Low Light (60 ft)

Moorefolk favor the Ranger, Druid and Rogue classes.

Water Sense: If you are within 100 ft of a natural water source (river, lake, ocean) you gain a +1 to attack, reflex and perception checks; +2 to hide checks if you are in water.

Cleansing Water Ritual: You gain a ritual (no feat required) that allows you to purify a vial/cup of water that heals 1d6 + wisdom (must be imbibed within 24 hours). This ritual takes 10 minutes and requires expending a healing surge. At 11th level, the cleansing water heals 2d6 + wisdom. At 21st level, the cleansing water heals 3d6 + wisdom. A character/creature can only benefit from one cleansing water every 24 hours.

Human Heritage: You gain a bonus feat at 1st level. You must meet the prerequisites.

Slender and tall, Moorefolk look gaunt and tend to be dark tan with shades of green undertones. They have elongated heads that ridge slightly at the top. They wear loose clothing that is tie-dyed the color of murky water, swamp grass and muddy earth. Each is born with characteristic patterns (birthmarks) that look like splotches of muddied water soaked into vellum/paper. The tips of their fingers are darkened as though dipped in muddy water and they tend to have tiny ears that fold back against their head.

The Moorefolk live along the river systems across the CAP, E3 and outer nations. A cunning race known as traders of goods and information, they have a pulse on the world that few races possess. They worship a primordial goddess of water that is known to few other races – she gives and she takes according to the ebb and flow (calm/raging waters signal cycles of the year that are sacred to the Moorefolk). When praying at the waters they send messages on paper that are washed downstream (ink washed away by water is acceptance of the pray by the water goddess). While their sparse huts along the water serve as little more than utilitarian living/working spaces, they do integrate amazing water/plant elements in their houses (water walls, ornamental fish bowls, water lily vases and artistic sculptures of flowing water using nature magic).

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Moorefolk (RiverFolk)

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