Coridian (Stone Folk)

Average Height: 5’ 4" – 5" 10" Ability Scores: +2 str, +2 con
Average Weight: 250lb – 320lb Speed: 5 squares
Languages: Common, Dwarven Skill Bonus: 2 dungeoneering,1 intimidate, +1 perception
Vision: Low Light (60 ft)

Coridians favor the fighter and cleric classes.

Stone Core: You receive +1 to AC when touching stone/ground. You also gain a bonus +1 to fortitude checks and +1 to poison resistance checks at all times.

Shape Stone Ritual: You gain a ritual (no feat required) that allows you to bend 1sq foot of stone in 10 minutes by expending a healing surge. At 11th level, you can additionally spend an action point to rupture a 5×5sq ft section of stone in one round. This improves to 10×10sq ft at 21st level.

Human Heritage: You gain a bonus feat at 1st level. You must meet the prerequisites.

Grey to black skin and angular features, bald on top, white to black facial hair. Use dots in patterns on face, arms, legs and body to symbolize life accomplishments (dots can be circles or geometric shapes – various shapes symbolize certain events/accomplishments. They are stocky humans (built similar to dwarves but taller). These tattoos are made by putting any type of stone next to the skin and performing the Shape Stone Ritual to draw the stone under the skin.

Coridians have mining and work camps in the Caldura Mountains – where hard labor working the stone and earth provide raw materials that other races require. These camps and mines constitute the closest thing to organized society they have – most often the live in human settlements when not on a pilgrimage to work the stone.

They tend to talk less than most races – preferring to observe and absorb (“still as the stone” a common expression). They instead put all their energy into designing, building and perfecting the world around them in way that will last the ages – architecture that is comparable in many ways to Dwarven design. The Dwarves, while declaring in lesser works, respect the Coridians and their work – sometimes allow them access to areas restricted to Dwarves as long as it doesn’t compromise technology that could be observed and imitated.

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Coridian (Stone Folk)

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