Aerranai (Sky Elves)

Average Height: 5’ 0" – 5" 8" Ability Scores: +2 dex, +2 wis
Average Weight: 90lb – 120lb Speed: 5 squares, 8 flying
Languages: Common, Elven Skill Bonus: + 2 Acrobatics, + 1 Religion, +1 Insight
Vision: Low Light (60 ft)

Aerranai favor the ranger and cleric classes.

Flight: They friggin fly…how cool is that!

Heavy Carry: You can carry your weight for 1 minute for every 2 levels by spending a healing surge. You can carry twice your weight at 11th level and three times your weight at 21st level.

Aerial Animal Affinity: Aerial animals will come to your defence if they see/hear you under attack and/or you call to them in your time of need (daily power, roll over 10 on d20 per encounter until power is used). On success roll d20 for random aerial animal appearing. Cannot use in unnatural (non-nature) settings or most underground settings.

Wind Talking: You can communicate over long distances via wind – 1 mile/level + int.



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Aerranai (Sky Elves)

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