Merrick's Promissory Note


Briggin Brat Inn of Denslu
Salve Greggor-

Please take care of our new Recruits upon their return from helping the gOOd folks of the red wolf mine in lunnac. Given your costS for their Very short stay of one Night, the customary reward in Gold shall be forwarded as per usuaL. please also provide a Meal and place to Rest for The night and Serve them any drinks on our tab as their Gracious host.

Feminae docebit vos-
Commander Merrick
Protector of the Central Allied Province and Colonies

Decoded by party with Atbash Cipher and CAPTIAL LETTERS between the “Δ” marks.

Encoded message: PROOGSVNGLMRTSG
Decoded message: KILL THEM TONIGHT

Merrick's Promissory Note

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