Fenster's Letter to Brother


I don’t have much time to write this and I must do so with haste. By the time you read this I will be dead from a terrible wasting disease… Ooohhhhh…I can feel something rolling around within me like a thousand worms…I saw this same wasting disease in Lunnac as miners came from the depths of Red Wolf changed…attacking their neighbors and spreading a dark plague.

I hope you received my white raven instead of stumbling upon my body or the dark ooze that infected me. I dispatched all the white ravens that I could from my shop in Lunnac but saw several of my messengers die in mid-air from the aura of the dark forces flooding from the Red Wolf. Some of the white ravens were to warn my clients and network contacts of the darkness here and to watch themselves. I dared not mention the Mooners to spare them involvement.

If you’re reading this you have taken my invisible boat to this den (thank you again my gifted brother for your talent in magic – that boat served me well over the years – indeed your position at the Keepers has grown your talents and it is a shame I did not have more time to fully appreciate the many gifts you’re learning among their ranks).

You should also have found the anti-ooze projectile bombs that I procured to get rid of a large beast that occupied my den. While my initial use of them hurt it … I could not deliver the death blow before it escaped. Perhaps you will return as you do each year and this time avenge your brother instead.

The real enemy my brother is Merrick the Betrayer and the secretive Mooners who so richly employed my services the last several months. It seemed innocent enough to bring cloaked strangers and equipment in the night into the mine…I had no idea what they were doing – I never ask more questions than I have to…but this time I’ve killed my hometown, my family ….OH GODS…what have I done. Merrick the Betrayer used me and then had his dark knife ambush me in my shop after I secured myself there…but wise Fenster escaped town in one of his many smuggling tunnels. I came back here to burn evidence of my business that would incriminate you, my family, my clients and friends – the last act to atone for a life of crime.

Truly in one’s darkest hour there is redemption still. I saw her again brother! You think me crazy for saying but she spoke to me this time, spoke of redemption…if with my last actions tried to make things right but leaving authorities information that would stop of the groups that brought this plague upon us, upon the Lady of the Lake.
I must make it to the cabin to burn my papers there and leave a message that can be found by the Emerald Caretakers for some rural justice.

I’m leaving everything in the ceiling safe…you know the code. All of what I have I leave to you my brother. The pain within is trying to break forth and I must still make it to the cabin in the woods to leave the proper evidence for those that can fix what I’ve done….OH GODS

All love in this life and the next…Fenster, your baby brother.

Fenster's Letter to Brother

Terraden AndyMills