Lumastone Headband +5

Rambo-style headband with 5 Con imbued


A lumastone lumasauce lumamold stone stitched into a cloth headband. It grants immunity to Nox-Nori corruption and 250 Temporary HP vs. Necrotic Damage. This comes at the expense of 5 Con to the person who contributed the blood component in its creation. It will only protect its contributor.

As the temporary HP is whittled away, contsitution is returned to the contributor. At the 200 hp mark, the penalty is reduced to 4 Con, 150 is 3 Con, etc.

If the item is destroyed, all CON is immediately returned to the player.


The original model was created by Geziel for Gnarl before his descent into the Red Wolf Mine.

Lumastone Headband +5

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