Graver's Key

A bone key that unlocks the dead...


This key of finely carved bone is old in style and weathered to the touch. It was created to reanimate the dead in your service – an instrument from the days after the Great Sundering where the mass graveyards near every town could be turned into defensive forces.

Always covered dried blood along the tip when it contains soul energy to expend (charges), this arcane device is charged by the soul energy of lesser beings.

POWER – Daily (arcane, necrotic)

Reanimates a corpse when inserted into a grave and brings that skeletal remains to the command of the key holder until the end of the encounter. Power of skeletal creature at the discretion of the DM (type of environment, remains in graved used, etc).

This item has a three charge capacity and can be recharged if put into the corpse of a dying minion at the moment of death.


Graver's Key

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