Crazy Stan's Concordant Pack

Pull a cord to switch contents of your pack


Tanned leather and well worn, this adventuring pack has ten cords hanging from the top cloth. Give any of these ten cords a yank and you will switch the contents of this pack.

ITEM – Unique (polymorph, teleportation)
Ten strings hang from this pack, shifting the many spaces within according to the operators desires.

This pack contains ten (10) spaces that can be shifted with a minor action by pulling on the corresponding cord that hangs from the pack. This space is exactly like that of the pack in dimensions of width and height.


This adventuring backpack once assisted the wild wizard, Crazy Stan, through his early adventures. Keeping his gear organized was important when so many other thoughts are scattered and this was one of his earliest inventions and enchantments.

Crazy Stan has gifted this heirloom from his past to the Saviors of Lunnac for saving the Red Wolf Mine, the source of commerce and livelihood in the small city he spends time at (falls are lovely there).

Crazy Stan's Concordant Pack

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