Wendy the Vine

A plant like no other...


This 20 foot vine of teal-green color has a base with small tendrils, a short tale with soft spikes (under developed), a slender body with intermediate, smaller branching vines off the primary shoot with small leaves that fold out to larger leaves if bathing in sun and a “head” at the top that leads to a dark brown colored tip at the end.

The “head” opens up a maw of thorned folds that can clasp around an enemy and suck out life force (blood and plasma) when attacking. Usually slow in motion to conserve energy this vine can whip out at blinding speed if hungry or threatened.

What else might Wendy the Vine be capable of in time (evolution)?


Wendy the Vine was found in a College of Keepers challenge in a cleared cultist den. Weak from lack of feeding and hibernating through long years, Narm awakened this long lost soul who now lives on as a plant.

All background history about Wendy comes from her ability to transfer visual telepathic psycometry to a host’s mind via touch. Wendy imparted to Narm on their first meeting the following images:

  • Wendy was a priestess in teal robes who served her community.
  • She was captured and tortured by the cultist (in dark robes).
  • Her death came at the hands of a great blood vine beast in the depths of the cultist’s catacomb.
  • In her final moments of life, she plead for mercy to her Goddess.

Wendy is now happy to be out of the pit, away from the beast that held her captive for many years starving, and with a team that has accepted her new form without judgement or reservation.

What does Wendy the Vine want?

Vengeance on the old blood vine beast? Find any remnants of the cultists and hunt them down (stop any torture they may be doing on other innocent people)? To find a way to become human again? To return to her home? Any family/friends that might still be alive? To finish any oath/missions of her church or her Goddess that were left unfulfilled so many years ago?

Wendy the Vine

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