Lady of Lake Lumin

This guardian of Lake Lumin is a water spirit that glows with the radiance of many moons...


Rising from the surface of the water, the Lady of Lake Lumin shines with the light of the ancient moon, Nula, once worshiped by priestesses before the Great Sundering (before it was obliterated by the Night’s Fire).


At the time of the Great Sundering, the Lady of Lake Lumin was a Priestess of Nula and she begged for her family to be sparred from the wrath of the final Night’s Fire. Nula granted her wish, shielded her family with her essence and made her the living guardian of the lake by their home.

The Lady of Lake Lumin has now been reunited with her husband, the Brickmaker, by the party that freed him from hibernation.

Lady of Lake Lumin

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