Grum the Hand

A hand man's best friend...


This large dog-sized, disembodied hand made of stone is covered in mud and scraps from years of neglect. His lower, gruff voice sounds like that of grinding stone-on-stone and his verbiage is somewhat limited like that of a child.

On Grum’s backside is a small chest of intricate design (Dwarven?) that is strapped down so as to provide storage space for trinkets that he finds.

Grum feeds on bones which he sits on, takes into an opening around the wrist that is a cluster of finger like feeders that lead to the interior of the hand, and grinds to dust that is left behind as a byproduct.


At the bottom of a well and enveloped in a Gelatinus Orb (big brother of cube), Grum was resigned to a fate away from Falko even if it was in the darkness of the cultist catacombs. Then a light shown at the top of the well, a sign that the Orb would feed on more helpless beings before hiding away in the well again. But this time was different, this group fought and defeated the Orb that held him and Gnarl saved Grum from it’s clutches. It was clear from the start that the one who fights with his fists with such fury would fight for Grum to win his freedom. Convincing his new savior Gnarl and the party that he did not want to return to Falko, they escaped the twisting tunnels of the cultist catacombs – Grum was free at last.

Grum’s history before the cultist catacomb’s is unknown – something about “his family” in the Dwarven lands.

His stony figure is covered in mud and scrapes from years of mistreatment and neglect from the cultists who experimented on him and from Falko the Face, his defective foster “father”. He has low self-esteem due to years of Falko favoring his “LEFT” hand over Grum, his “RIGHT”.

What experiments did the cultists perform? Who, in the Dwarven lands, made Grum and brought him here? Will Grum be rid of Falko and Righty or seek vengeance for his servitude and mistreatment? What of hunting down the cultist who treated him so badly and experimented on him? The necklace that Grum holds he has promised if you help him with his mission to get back to his homeland to find the fate of his family…will you help him?

Grum the Hand

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