Elder bird-lady in the deep forest - horrible hag or benevolent buzzard?


Geziel conceals her bird-like features under tattered robes that were once quite ornate. From a race of beings that have disappeared from Terraden, she is the reclusive alchemist and sorceress in the Red Wolf Woods.


Geziel is a old woman that lives in the hollow of an ancient tree deep in the remote forest several hours out of the small mining town of Lunnac. To reach her hallow one must enter the woods seeking Geziel and must be guided by her animal sentinels to gain passage to her territory. The old bird has befriended (or beguiled) every log and frog withing several miles – curiously the forest seems to shift around any who stray near her hallow, helping or hindering their passage.

What is the fate of her nearly-forgotten race? Why does she live in the woods alone? What does she need with the Night’s Widow flower she has requested?


Terraden AndyMills