Fenster the Fence

This smuggler and pawn shop owner found redemption in his last, darkest hour...


A handsome man by any standard, he stood tall and confident among his human counterparts. Usually wearing light leather and carrying a longsword in case any gruff miner wanted something back that was pawned the day before, Fenster could take care of himself in a fight.


He stood out in the small town of Lunnac where he operated “The Loadstone”, his pawnshop and junkyard (and smuggling front).

Fenster used tunnels from “The Loadstone” that led to forest outside Lunnac where he would meet his “other” clients or hauled merchandise to his island den at Lake Lumin. He also operated out of a cabin up in the woods from Lake Lumin in case the island den was ever compromised.

After being betrayed by Merrick’s unknown assassin and infected with a disease called “The Corruption”, he warned his clients, retreated to the den to leave valuables for his brother in the Keepers and burned his papers at the cabins in the woods before collapsing from his illness.

Fenster the Fence

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