Brillig the Gillig

Mud fey with a quiet heart of gold out to see "the world beyond the world"...


Standing about 10" tall, slender and made of living mud. The Gillig (Mud Fey) are very rare, despised in the feywild for their “good-leaning” disposition and dirty appearance. He now resides on the arm of Narm, his fellow fey.

In combat he can throw small globs of mud at allies to give them minor temp hp – a technique he learned from Gammag, the great shaman healer of his concealed city below Lake Lumin. Few fey do more than hide – Brillig, trained in these unique healing arts, wants to learn more about the world around his city so that he can find new alternate sites for other Gillig that come from the feywild and want to settle here.


The Gillig have sought refuge in other plane of existence and are master of obfuscation and concealment. Able to flatten to a pool of mud, merge with lose earth around them and even distort the air around them – they are masters of survival.

Brillig the Gillig is out to see “the world beyond the world”.

Brillig the Gillig

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