This brick golem is the remaining vestige of brilliant arcane brickmaker...


This 7’ 5" tall golem make entirely of intricate bricks also has long gray hair and lengthy fingernails (when first encountered in his brick house in Fenster’s smuggling den) from years of hibernation and isolation. He sits on a throne of brick that sits in the middle of the brick house he built soon after the ash and dust settled from the Great Sundering, a house that had sunk into the earth that is now the island in Lake Lumin.


The Brickmaker was sought after by royalty, the wealthy and even the military for his arcane brick making recipes/abilities. Many of the structures that were commissioned stand today in near perfect condition thanks to his talents.

The party has reunited the Brickmaker with the Lady of Lake Lumin – now able to share the time that was taken from them, protecting the site of their ancient homestead and the graves of their family.


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