Chapter 1.2D - Meeting the Brickmaker, Defeating the Corruptuteer

Kill an evil monster and it's dark master, reunite the brick and babe...

With Narm teleporting away from the danger of falling into a patch of DeathCaps at the entrance of Fenster’s Smuggling Den, his televertigo instead allowed him to jump the entire party through the smugglers den to Fenster’s secure room. Now that they are in, the must get out. The group now cautiously works its way out to explore the underground tunnels of this secluded island hideout.

Coming out of Fenster’s secure room they find a small chamber with barrels the Kraye identifies as a highly explosive mixture. With caution they move on toward the direction of the entrance and come to an expansive room that is oddly bare. Gnarl throws several rocks into the room to see if any hidden dangers reveal themselves. Turning around the party moves back to investigate other tunnels but Gnarl notices one stone begins to roll slowly toward the wall, then another. Not convinced the party decides to come back to this room later…

Done with the strange nature of the room ahead they turn back, following the tunnels to the Brickmaker’s house, as seen in Narm’s televertigo vision, they find the brick house half-buried in an underground chamber. The door made of brick did not seem to yield a response when Narm knocked on it – but a whirling wind grew as the noise outside the house drew the attention of several elemental Dust Devils.

Taking the party by surprise the Dust Devils assault them by bashing them with viscous winds, cutting earthen-shrapnel and pushing them back with every hit. Groot was pushed back so violently that he was thrown into the shallow chasm at the entrance of the chamber. Narm and Gnarl were beaten back by the Dust Devils before the party hears a roaring sound from the only tunnel leading out of the Brickmaker’s house chamber. At this sound the Dust Devils swirl away back into the hole in the house of the Brickmaker were they originally entered.

Turning from one threat to ready for the other, the group prepares for a twitching black ooze that appears to have a writhing figure within (later hypothesised to be moments away from mitosis – splitting in two). The chasm at the entrance begins to fill with oozlings and black water – to which Aelyria summoned a patch of thick vines and roots to cover the chasm.

As the party hurls anti-ooze ampules that splash damaging liquid onto the large, black ooze, the group also assails with arrows, arcane fire, slashing swords and flying fists – quickly dispatching what was to be the primary foe in this den. But the real danger was spotted by Nat in the darkness of the tunnels behind the ooze, a tentacled horror that seemed to guide the actions of the ooze like a puppeteer.

Rushing forward with fury Narm runs headlong toward the retreating monstrous puppeteer – the true source of the corruption in the smuggler’s den. The tentacled puppeteer spins around, lashes out at Narm to push him back before retreating into the water of a tunnel that drops. The brazen group, charged by the intense battles with the Dust Devils and Black Ooze cast all their most powerful arcane might, precise shots and even a thorned whip from Nat that drew the beast from the shallow waters. The final barrage fell on the puppeteer as it lay helplessly stunned by Gnarl’s psychic bashing.

Having cleared the smuggler’s den of the corrupting forces (as directed by Geziel), the party moved down to the large storage chamber with rows of gravestones that date back to the Great Sundering and made from the same brick as the house in the adjacent chamber. Using the Graver’s Key, won from Falko the Face by answering riddles in the Keeper’s Challenge, Nat brings the skeletal remains of a little girl to find information about the Brickmaker and the brick house.

The little skeletal girl asks for her mother and her father – who turn out to be the Brickmaker and the Lady of Lake Lumin. After discussing a little history, Nat asks about the house to which the little girl runs to the house, performs a complicated series of knocks on the brick door to open the magically sealed house. Now able to access the first floor of the brick house the group sees all the furniture smashed up against the walls of the great entry room and a large brick throne in the center, upon which is seated a dusty brick golem with long grey hair and fingernails that have grown out very long from several thousand years of hibernation.

Unable to wake the brick golem from its hibernation, the party leaves the golem behind and attempts to leave so that they can report the good news of the corruptions defeat. Along their way to entrance, Narm hears a small voice telling him to “HOLD” when his party enters the spacious empty room near the entrance. Mud begins to flow down the far side of the empty chamber, coalescing into small fey figures standing 10" tall.

The Gillig, Mud Fey that excel at obfuscation and isolation, approach Narm (a fellow from the Feywild) to thank him for defeating the evil they have been hiding from and for helping the Lady of the Lake…but they sense something wrong with Narm. “You are hurting inside” the leader says, referring to Narm’s “corruption” inside. They ask if they knew of Fensters condition to which they sadly explain he died. They explain that Fenster was too far gone when they spoke with him last, they use healing mud from their elder shamanistic mudster to try to save him – something they offer to Narm as repayment for helping them with the corrupted beasts and warn him that it will take three days to fully work and will leech the blackness from him in a trail that will be left behind him (which happened to Fenster when trekking up to his cabin).

Wondering what the Gillig may be able to do about the brick golem they ask if the healers of the Gillig can do anything about the unresponsive statue. A ceremony and mud-throwing circle around the golem seems to fill in the many cracks in the brick with new mud and bring the golem back to “life”. The party asks the golem if it is the brick maker – to which the golem confirms, “Yes – I am”. Wishing to reunite the brickmaker with his wife, the Lady of the Lake, they lead him out with the Gillig in tow. With a the Gillig summoning the Lady form the waters, the Brickmaker and Lady stare briefly, wonderingly at one another – then run to one another…the water washing over and around the golem who “embraces” his long lost wife.

Due to their heroic acts, Brillig the Gillig asks to accompany the Eladrin, Narm, on their journey to see some of the outside world as a scout for his colony.

What is the future of the Lady and Brickmaker? What will the Gillig do now that Fenster is gone? How will the party deal with the menace that looms back in Lunnac? Will the party find the Night’s Widow flower needed to garner Geziel’s favor (and protection from the corruption)?



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