1.4A - Denslu and the Briggon Brat

The Matronites plan and form is finally revealed...

While party was at Fjorn’s Folly, Wendy reported a cloaked figure with the symbol of the Keepers stood by the gate at night observing the shop and left without saying anything
Party ready to depart for Denslu to search Briggon Brat
Ask CAP soldiers for trasport – was refused without fees
Party bought horses and cart from grateful local in Lunnac
Traveled to Denslu without interruption (2.5 days)
Sold some gems for party funds and purchased a few magical wares at open-air market in this larger town. Asked for information on Briggon Brat from locals – found that it had been under construction for 2 weeks or more. For the last several months the establishment has shifted to cater to a increasingly roudy crowd and has attracted shady types that have scared off most locals. More recently with the sound of construction some labors from out of town were coming in and out.
Went to Briggon Brat Inn early afternoon – knocked on door to no answer. Moved to poarch and Gnarl searched for traps, picked lock and walked in.
Interior was unkept, abandoned – a voice from the fire asking about their presence revealed Naki, a figure of cold blue fire that walked out of the fireplace.
After several questions steps could be heard coming from the basement up and a humming sound in the room revealed that many of the fixtures (chairs, doors, chandeliers, etc) were moving slightly.
Greggor the priopriator of the Briggon Brat Inn came up asking about business here – apologizing for the mess and construction
Narm produced a fake note that was doctored to look like the coded note from Commander Merrick to kill the party if they had made it this far – which now said to provide these agents accommodations and protect them.
Conversation with Greggor and Naki revealed they were Matronites in the service of Taru.
Naki showed them to several rooms at the Inn to wait until nightfall to discuss more with Greggor.
Party searched area to find bodies strangely mutilated – wait until they hear Greggor leave the Inn on “business” elsewhere.
Members squirmed down through restroom holes to ocean to investigate an usual dirt wall under the Inn on the ocean side (not visible from town).
Grum moves some earth to reveal an covered basement where Greggor is experimenting on bodies with rituals out of a tome provided by Mentalmancers – mages of the mind.
Kraye finds bodies with heads open, brains out of them and edges of hole in top of head petrified.
Kraye finds a brain made of stone – channels brain to discover this is the petrified mind of Greggor, the original patron of the Briggon Brat Inn who has befallen a terrible fate at the hands of Faux Greggor – proof that the Matronite Greggor can shift into another’s forms.
A nearly-destroyed book (made from pages impregnated with powdered stone) reveals rituals to take out a brain and preserve it for use with retreiving information (interrogation) and assuming one’s form.
A pile of dust is found – “make whole” ritual reassembles a page that shows a mud map of sites across Terraden – but for what (there’s a marker in this region of the world)
Party chases after Greggor in whatever form he may have taken (sketching the faces of the other bodies in the basement as he could be any of them)
Convinces street urchins into helping find Faux Greggor, finds a shop keeper who sold him strange herbal components and a street artist who points to where he just saw someone in their sketch (a man named Thomas).
Party chases down, corners in alley the Matronite, forces him into sewer where Gnarl waits for him and begins interrogation.
Kraye uses truth tincture to get answers – what are matronites, how can you kill them, what is “The Vision” and where is the nearest HQ/outpost/operations?
Kills Matronite with fire as force seems to only regenerate damage.
Party finds clockwork bombs at specialty vendor, casts silence rituals in the night after placing bombs under Briggon Brat Inn supports near the water and watches as the Briggon Brat Inn silently explodes and slips into the water of the night – killing whatever terrible flesh mimics Greggor had inside, as well as, Naki the cold blue fire being presumed to be a matronite as well.



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