1.3C - Finding Fjorn's Foothold

Fjorn's Folly found to be haunted dwarven prison - dark with looming doom...

  • Received White Raven from Client 114 for possible new job
  • Gathered information from locals on ruins in Bedrock Basin outside of town
  • Travel back and found hidden dwarven prison (blendrite) away from false ruins
  • Grum has Tam’pekar to enter hidden dwarven site
  • Entered prison and found goblin ghost
  • Kraye noticed it was Hexatecture – constructed by master of dwarven earth kingdom
  • Harmonic locks on gates opened with code found on Korb’s the opened outer doors
  • Fought several dwarven ghosts – vanquished Fjorn’s damned spirit
  • Found Gnash hiding in old latrine – now blood bonded to Kraye
  • Opened last gate to find elevator shaft that requires a different Korb to descend deeper
  • Found a hand scrawled symbol on wall of Mai’hoc-noipoc symbol – Fjorn’s drawing copy



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