A Brief History of Terraden – Mending or Ending?

World of Terraden

A world shattered by the Night’s Fire (a great flame from the heavens that split Terraden into several pieces) several millenia ago is still rebuilding. Wild new races sprang from the destruction as did countless monstrosities. All gates leaving Terraden were sealed. The elder race of watchers, the Jyanai, disappeared in the destruction – abandoning the races they professed to love and protect. The art of traveling the stars became deadly for any that tried to escape – pieces of their vessels raining from the heavens.

Nations have begun to sink back into conflict over the available land that is inhabitable. A dark history of moving forward only to fall back into bloody wars. Large nations, political aristocrats, secret societies and cultist uprisings vie for control of the masses searching for leadership, national pride and mere survival.

The College of Keepers (charged by the Jyanai to preserve life on Terraden using sacred knowledge) have started the Xenos Initiative to draw the many different races and creeds together under the banner of collaboration and cooperation in the hopes that the fates of Terraden can be changed – that the scars of the past can finally be healed.


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